Thursday, April 23, 2009

Altermodern: Movement or Marketing?

How was the last lecture yesterday in the series? Hope there will be some comments to share.

I am looking forward to hearing the podcast so I can engage with the content of the talk.

In the meantime today's contribution is to get us all to think about is the thought provoking
essay called

Altermodern: Movement or Marketing?

By Nickolas Lambrianou

Is the concept of 'The Altermodern', which organises Nicholas
Bourriaud's Spring art blockbuster at Tate Britain, anything more than
re-spun curatorial spin? -- asks Nickolas Lambrianou

Here's the link

Notice the number of textile metaphors used.

An interesting challenge to what is becoming an increasingly dominant orthodoxy in what to show and how to show
a diverse range of contemporary practices.


  1. Do others agree with Lambrianou's idea that what Bourriaud is doing is mostly "regurgitated postmodernism?" I think there is a lot of interesting stuff going on with this, especially with the manifesto that was written for the exhibiton. I'm not sure yet what to think about an "alternative modernism" unless this is possibly global modernism? Maybe it's interesting to consider the desire to infuse art with a sense of optimism (maybe tied to the idea of progress and modernism in the last century, and the sentimental nostalgic quality of much art in the 80s-onwards) instead of the hopeless, depressed, fragmented postmodern time Bourriaud seems to want us to move past?

  2. About the Shinique Smith lecture...

    I've been wondering about the importance of the artis't personal story since the lecture. I also had a chance to have a studio visit with Shinique and chat with her a bit after the lecture. I'm wondering about the gestural quality of her work, and I think there is something about her work and her personality that is very generous, informal and intriquing. She seems to blend this idea of trash and spectacle, in an interview, Nicola Trezzi describes entering her studio "[it's] like being surrounded by a refined but trashy ambience"...(