Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The "Hand"

Question: When does the "hand" need to be seen in artwork?


  1. Answer: The "hand" needs to be seen when it relates to the concept of the work (i.e. "bad" craft's potential emotional content).

    -Blue Kansas

  2. I usually think that the visibility of the hand in an artwork is there to stimulate in the viewer something like a creation narrative about the object; in other words, it is present in order for us to acknowledge how/why the object came to be. I am reluctant to think that the presence of the hand is of any inherent value in and of itself; rather, it is probably valuable in the service of something else. In fact there are surely crafts who's value increases as the pressence of the hand decreases, such as surgery.

  3. I think craft is often the bases of fine art. Without craft skills I'm not sure I can make.