Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Da Rules

Does one need to be an expert at something, like painting, in order to deviate from the rules?


  1. What makes "good" art?

    Rules are self imposed, what ARE the rules, anyway?

    Can't you be an expert at your way of making?

    It is the artist's responsibility to know if they way they are crafting/making something is sufficient. If it is not, learn how do craft the object the way it needs to be crafted. Learn as you go.

  2. deviation from a center point necessitates a recognition of the center point. However, as Janis implies, we are not born experts...we must work our way to the center point (into the order of rules). So it's not about being an expert, but learning a particular mode through process and experimentation. I would also argue that it is through deviation we arrive at culture for which we could all use more education.