Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Brain drain: Interdisciplinary Fashion/Fiber studies in the US

Why do conceptual fashion/fiber students have to leave the country in order for advanced wearable studies? Why is New York our only domestic option? Why are fiber and fashion departments so segregated at US art schools?



  1. hello NV, i've just started teaching at CSULA and I am in the process of transforming the program i teach in - from apparel production to wearable studies. Maybe you have to be the one who breaks down the barriers.

  2. I agree, but I don't think students should have to work in spite of the bureaucracy of their institution either. There is too large a lag between current fashion/fiber practices and the variety of programs within the US where students can explore those practices.

    While faculty might be motivated to help transform the relationship between fashion and fiber within his/her department, students instead have to weigh whether the development of their body of work will be encouraged and expanded upon within that department. If the culture and attitude of the department aren't very inclusive of both disciplines, then that student has to seek out another environment where there are less boundaries between the two. -NV

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